Theodoros Aristodemou

Founder, CEO and Chairman of Aristo Developers

Theodoros Aristodemou was born in 1951 in the village of Statos in Pafos. He attended the University of Athens School of Economics and received his qualification in 1975. Since then, Aristodemou has held key positions in numerous business and organisations.


Theodoros Aristodemou is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of ARISTO DEVELOPERS Ltd group of Companies for both Cyprus and abroad, and is currently a member on numerous Boards of Directors for a string of successful companies in Cyprus. He has been honoured by many clubs and organisations, and has been acknowledged by the Cypriot Government for his contribution to the economy of Cyprus. Theodoros Aristodemou has also been made an Honorary Lifetime President fot the Pafos Chamber of Commerce, the only living person to be awarded in the history of the organisation.


The following timeline represents the course of Theodoros Aristodemou's professional and social activities and achievements from 1974 to 2014. It also portrays his close relationship with all the Presidents of the Republic of Cyprus, from Cyprus' independence in 1960 to 2014.